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Site Management

Namsi LLC manages some of the most desirable rooftops for various forms of RF Communications and Broadcasting entities in NYC, Chicago and Washington DC.


Namsi LLC provides full RF engineering, fabrication and tower services, construction, interaction with various building codes and so forth for a fully compliant and functional transmission entity. 


Our rooftop portfolio is ever expanding to provide excellent radio and broadcasting coverage in NY City, Chicago and Washington DC. Namsi LLC additionally provides lower sites for point to point and cellular transmissions


Our rooftops include but are not limited to the following:


New York City

Trump World Tower 845 UN Plaza

Trump Palace 69th and 3rd

Trump International Hotel and Tower 1 Central Park West

Trump Place at 220 Riverside

Trump New Rochelle

Trump White Plains

55 Water Street

The Sovereign 58th and 1st

JFK Crown Plaza

100 Willoughby Street Brooklyn NY

343 Gold Street





Trump International Hotel North Wabash Ave




Trump International Hotel

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